Hemisphere Creative




Looking for a creative agency to help you build on your brand ambitions? Whether your are looking to develop a new brand strategy and identity or to 'boost' you current one, here at Hemisphere we’ve years of experience of doing both. Breathing new life into tired brands, either to reinvigorate their performance or to help them work effectively in a new channel or market is a specialist skill, so, if you’d like to discuss how to rediscover your brand’s mojo then give of us a call.

Integrated Campaigns

Our award-winning creative team loves to go old school, scamps and magic markers bring campaigns to life before we hit the macs meaning your campaign starts with strategy and thought not just pretty pictures. When then execute expertly across all channels from print to multi-media.

Direct Mail

It was long expected that DM would suffer terminal decline at the hands of email and social media. But it’s proven that alongside digital channels, what lands on your savvy consumer’s doormat still resonates and generates decent ROI. We are DM experts delivering beautiful effective creative for acquisition, membership, retention and not-for-profit campaigns.


Delivering on time and budget, being accurate and pro-active, having an open door policy and access to the creatives without barriers are as vital to our clients as our creativity and after 25 years in business we understand this more than most.
We simply put our clients first.