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5 tips to help you create a brochure that’s a real page turner


Your holiday in their hands.

Contrary to what many predicted, we can all now agree that the brochure has not been consigned to the travel marketing archives. Consumers now research and purchase their holidays in a variety of different ways, both on and offline working hand-in-hand for the ultimate booking experience and just as the digital world has adapted to this, so too the role of the brochure has evolved. Here are some tips for when you are commissioning the design of next season’s travel brochures.

  1. Know your audience Keep up with changing consumer trends. Speak to bookers and prospects and find out the needs of your all important travel partners and agents. I find small incentivised focus groups are perfect for this.

  2. Size up the competition Be on top of what your competitors are doing, good and bad, so you can learn and adapt. In my experience, consumers like to compare and contrast brochures, so strive to stand out.

  3. Tell your story Make sure your brand takes centre stage and flows through the pages via captivating images and iconography, complemented by thought-provoking copy. You want to encourage brand loyalty and to fire the imagination.

  4. Feel the love Travellers seek out experiences, to see, touch and feel other cultures. Specialist finishes and paper elevate the tactile feel of your brochure and starts them on that experiential journey with you.

  5. Less is more? Before being seduced by the trend for ‘coffee-table’ style brochures decide if it is right for your audience who might prefer to have all the detail they need to book off-the-page. A happy medium is often the solution.


I’m keeping these posts short and sweet but feel free to call me for a chat and further insight or to find out more about Hemisphere Creative on 020 8894 2201. 

Dean Barker is the Creative Director and owner of Hemisphere Creative who have been working with travel clients from cruising to adventure travel for many years. He heads up an experienced award-winning team of creatives and collaborators, many of whom have contributed to this upcoming series of articles.

Dean Barker